With numerous acclaimed food and drink venues as well as acres of redwood forests, Guerneville is a great place to stop when visiting Sonoma County. Only one and a half hours outside of San Francisco, this lush region contains over 6,805 pristine acres of forest. Johnson’s Beach is another great selling point and plays host to the annual Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival. In Guerneville itself visitors will find dining, shopping, nightlife, entertainment and farmers markets. Don’t forget to visit the Russian River wine region while you’re there for some tasty wines from local vineyards.

Johnson's Beach is a great reason to visit Guerneville.

Photo by Brad Immanuel via Flickr

Impossibly big trees at the Armstrong Redwoods Park

Walking amongst giant redwoods at the Armstrong Redwoods Park near Guerneville.

Photo by AtlanticLink via Flickr.

The Armstrong Redwoods Park is a huge tourist draw, as it contains ancient coast redwood trees, which are the tallest living things on earth. The trees started growing 500-1,000 years ago, and they can reach an astounding 200-250 feet tall! A visit to the reserve is ideal for a day out with the family, as there is a visitor center, self-guided nature trail and some great picnic spots.

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Sonoma has it all: Redwoods, Butterflies, Bats and Botrytis
Stacie Tamaki – October 1, 2012

Stacie, a prolific blogger, recounts her Guerneville adventure and shares her photos of the park.

via theflirtyguide.blogspot.ca

Horseback riding in Guerneville's Armstrong Redwoods Park.
California- Armstrong Redwoods State Park
Darley Newman – July 10, 2012

A writer joins a horseback riding tour of the Armstrong Redwoods State Park offered by the Armstrong Woods Pack Station.

via equitrekking.com

Tall trees in Sonoma County's Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve.
Armstrong Redwoods
Leor Pantilat – March 25, 2013

An avid trail runner talks Armstrong Redwoods and shares the photos from his visit.

via pantilat.wordpress.com

Check out some outdoors activities near Guerneville:

Horseback riding tours in Sonoma's redwood forests.
Armstrong Woods Pack Station

A company offering horseback riding tours through the Armstrong Redwoods Park.

Segway tours in Armstrong Redwoods Park.
Segway Tour of Armstrong Redwoods

If horseback riding is too demanding, check out these Segway tours of the redwoods.

A look at the stunning coastline of Sonoma Coast State Beach.
Sonoma Coast State Beach

This stunning stretch of rugged coastline is only a 20-minute drive from Guerneville.

Enjoy a nice swim in the river at Johnson’s Beach

Johnson's Beach is one of the top attractions of Guerneville.

Photo by Gregory K via Flickr

Johnson’s Beach is a small stretch of rocky riverfront access that has been turned into a summertime hot spot by the Johnson’s Beach and Resort. Locals and visitors throng the beach in the summer to enjoy swimming in the refreshingly cold Russian River and for water sports like kayaking and paddle boating. Each year in September the Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival rocks out on the riverfront.

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Some photos of Johnson's Beach and the Russian River.
Johnson’s Beach Photo Set
Cory via Flickr

A small collection of photos of Johnson’s beach that nevertheless gives a good idea of what to expect..

Lounging on Guerneville's Johnson's Beach.
Sonoma has it all: Redwoods, Butterflies, Bats and Botrytis
Stacie Tamaki - October 1, 2012

Stacie recounts her Guerneville adventure and shares her photos of the beach.

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The Jazz Festival is an annual event on Johnson's Beach.
Smooth Jazz And Great Venues – Johnson’s Beach & Resort
Smooth Jazz Daily - August 14, 2012

A jazz blogs reviews the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival on Johnson’s Beach.

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Other cool activities on the Russian River:

Walking across Guerneville Bridge.
Guerneville Bridge

A historic bridge that crosses the Russian River.

A look at the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival.

Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival

An annual Jazz Festival that takes place on Johnson’s Beach every September.

A kayaker on the Russian River near Guerneville.

Kayaking on the Russian River

Johnson’s Beach Resort rents out single and double kayaks by the hour.

Pop some bottles at Korbel Champagne Cellars

The moss-covered walls of the Korbel Champagne Cellar.

Photo by Julio Mestres via Flickr

Korbel Champagne Cellars is one of the leading American producers of sparkling wines – its wines are traditionally served at presidential inaugurations. Feel free to sample the champagne on a free tour, before deciding if you’d like to buy a bottle yourself from the shop. Although called “champagne,” the bubbly produced by Korbel Champagne Cellars is actually sparkling wine, as it was grown in California and not the Champagne region of France.

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Korbel makes highly acclaimed champagne right in Sonoma County.
California Wine Country Backroads Getaway
Anne Delvecchio – July 20, 2011

A professional traveler goes on a trip into Wine Country and visits Korbel.

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A look into the history of Korbel Champagne.
German Wine Makers in the World: The Korbel Brothers from Bohemia Introduced “Champagne” to the US
Christian Schiller – September 6, 2010

A wine journalist (what a great job!) writes about the history of Korbel.

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Korbel has a vineyard just outside of Guerneville.
Korbel: It is just not Champagne
Sharon – October 17, 2010

Sharon’s right, it isn’t champagne, but it is seriously delicious!

via spaswinefood.blogspot.ca

Visit more wineries in the Russian River Valley:

The Rochioli Winery is another cool vineyard to visit in Sonoma County.

Rochioli Winery

A scenic vineyard that offers guests complimentary tastings.

Copain Wine Cellar is also located near Guerneville.

Copain Wine Cellar

A local favorite, this winery welcomes visitors for tastings and picnics on its scenic grounds.

The Armida Winery is known for its scenic tasting room.

Armida Winery

Offers a tasting room with an elevated position that has some breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Korbel sells food too at the Korbel Delicatessen and Market

Korbel also has a deli at its vineyard.

Photo by Kelly the Deluded via Flickr

Just next to the champagne cellars, Korbel also runs a delicatessen and market. Here you can pick up gourmet sandwiches and salads from the deli, as well as artisan cheese and breads from the market shop to take home. As one would expect, the food complements Korbel’s sparkling wine in a very pleasing way.

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Wine Country Trip: Part 1 Sonoma
Kim – August 24, 2010

This blog has tons of great photos and information on the Guerneville area.

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Mrs. SHS – February 22, 2012

A blogger shares her rave review of the Korbel Delicatessen.

via nodirectflights.wordpress.com

More places for food and drink in Guerneville:

Stumptown is a brewpub that has a great riverfront location in Guerneville.

Stumptown Brewery

This place serves up some great brews and has a huge riverfront deck.

The Restaurant at Applewood Inn is an acclaimed place to eat in Guerneville.

The Restaurant at Applewood Inn

A Michelin starred French restaurant that serves locally produced wines.

A lovely restaurant in Guerneville.

Main Street Station

No frills, just quality, wholesome Italian and American cuisine at this restaurant.

Eco-friendly accommodation at Boon Hotel + Spa

The Boon Hotel is a boutique hotel with a swimming pool.

Photo by Janna701 via Flickr

This hotel is designed around affordable luxury and ethical practices, so guests will find simple décor, organic essential oil body products, and organic fair trade cotton linen. The hotel also has a spa with treatments that use certified organic EO body products. Dog owners will be pleased to know that the hotel is dog-friendly, the hotel is actually named after a dog, which means you won’t have to leave your best friend at home while you explore the wondrous Sonoma County.

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Another look at the swimming pool.
trip to sonoma county
Barbara and Nancy – September 6, 2010

Two ladies hit the road in Sonoma County and stop in at Guerneville’s Boon Hotel + Spa.

via ladiesofthegrove.blogspot.ca

A blogger reviews the food at Boon Hotel.
Raising The Bar
Jeff Cox – August 28, 2010

Local, Sonoma newspaper the Press Democrat reviews the Boon Hotel’s restaurant Boon Eat + Drink.

via pressdemocrat.com

A few more places to stay in Guerneville:

The Applewood Inn is another excellent choice for visitors to Guerneville.

Applewood Inn

Proud owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant, the Applewood Inn also offers luxury accommodation.

Dawn Ranch is a pet-friendly resort just outside of Guerneville.

Dawn Ranch

Another dog-friendly resort in Guerneville, Dawn Ranch is set on 15 acres amid giant Redwoods.

The West Sonoma Inn is a good choice for couples traveling to Guerneville.

West Sonoma Inn

An inn with 36 rooms and a spa on five acres with vineyard views.

See Guerneville on the map:

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